Foreign languages got you flummoxed?

French with Kids

have you been meaning to make french a part of your child's educational experience at home?

the time we get to make a difference in our child's life is all too fleeting

Is adding one more thing to do just too much?

Let us make this language thing effortless: start saying what you say but in french today!

without spending hundreds of dollars on language camps, tutors, or travelling thousands of miles, make french part of your life.

angela: expert french interpreter and mother of a bilingual family makes it easy for you.

set to the natural rhythm of a day at home

in 10 minutes a day, create new horizons, unique bonds and do it with a french joie de vivre

give your child the wonder of the world and an advantage on their way to scholarships and good schools

language does not happen alone in front of a screen, it is an exchange: so start speaking today

Week one here: soyez le bienvenue

Français chez vous

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